Adcole Space Star Tracker

The Redwire Star Tracker is intended for orbits that have a typical design life of 5 years and is ideal for CubeSat and NanoSat missions due to its small size, weight and power (SWaP).

The unit is completely selfcontained and features Lost in Space star identification. When power is applied, you begin receiving quarternions accurate to 10 arcsec at 4 Hz rate, and a maximum tracking rate >2° degrees per second.

  • Typical design life is 5 years (based on each specific mission), 25% duty cycle
  • Sky coverage >99%
  • AFOV is 19° x 14°

Redwire’s compact and autonomous Star Tracker is ruggedized, radiation tested, optimized for low weight (475 grams, including baffle, and star tracker), small size (55 x 65 x 70 mm), and low power consumption (< 2.0W) with a design life > 5 years in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

The Star Tracker’s processing unit, including an advanced star-tracking algorithm, records the accurate measurement of your spacecraft mission’s position during orbit for optimum real-time attitude determination, and accounts for interference effects of light reflecting from the satellite’s surfaces and exhaust plumes during propulsion sequences.

While 50-60 main navigational stars are primarily used to determine a satellite’s position, the minimum number of catalog stars visible in any stationary image of arbitrary attitude (free of Earth, Sun, or Moon blockage) will be at least 7 and more typically 10 or 11 stars.

Star Trackers are export controlled through an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) issued by the United States Department of Commerce. Export shipment requires successful application for an export license (under ECCN7A004 for Redwire SpectraCAM Flight Cameras).



Accuracy (Cross Axis / Boresight)

10 arcsec / 27 arcsec

Max Tracking Rate

> 2.0°/sec

Update Rate

4 Hz

Star Catalog

1889 stars to (6 VM)


22 mm Aperture, f/0.77 BK7 Glass

Sun Exclusion w/ Baffle


Operating Temperature

-30 to 55 °C

Weight (g) w/Baffle

475 grams

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) w/Baffle

55 mm x 65 mm x 70 mm

Baffle Weight (g)

93 grams

DC Voltage

5.0 V

Radiation TID (outside of case)

75 krad

Average power consumption

2.0 W lis, 1.5 W track

Serial Interface



21.1 mm