SpectraCAM High Resolution Flight Cameras

The Adcole Space SpectraCAM High Resolution Flight Cameras are engineered for low earth orbit (LEO) applications including docking, navigation, inspection, and situational awareness.

Featuring GigE Vision™ image streaming over 1 Gb/s Ethernet, the camera’s low light sensitivity and wide dynamic range make the system ideal for high contrast imaging found in orbital sun-illuminated applications.

With GigE Vision compatible control and image capture, SpectraCAM’s ease of integration and low deployment cost make it an ideal solution for multiple LEO applications.  The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imaging camera offered in the SpectraCAM flight camera enables superior low-light performance. Low noise imaging electronics ensure clear and sharp images that render details with superior accuracy. Available in a 50mm x 50mm x 49mm (boresight) configuration, weighing under 225g without optics, and typical power consumption of 2.5 Watt at full resolution and 10 FPS, the SpectraCAM camera is engineered with weight, power, and reliability as top priorities.

The advanced camera supports any user-specified image resolution and aspect ratio to 2592 x 1944 with 5MP monochrome resolution (color resolution is available). Offering 12-bit image depth, responsivity of 1.4V/lux-sec (550nm), dynamic range of 70.1 dB, and an image SNR of ≤ 38.1 dB, the SpectraCAM can support a range of mission profiles and applications. Exposure time settings of 0.1 msec to 5000 msec and precise exposure timing to 1 µsec resolution are standard, and the system supports operating temperatures of -30⁰C to +55°C.

Available Q1 2021




50mm x 50mm x 49mm (boresight) configuration


<225g without optics

Power Requirements

2.5 W Typical (500 mA at 5 VDC; Full resolution, 10 FPS)

Operating Temperatures

-30⁰C to +55°C

Aspect Ratio

2592 x 1944 with 5MP monochrome resolution (color sensor is available)

Exposure Timing

1 usec resolution

Exposure Time Settings

0.1 msec to 5000 msec

Image and Control Interface

Gigabit ethernet

Imaging Camera

Metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)

Image Depth


Image SNR

≤ 38.1 dB

Pixel Dynamic Range

70.1 dB


1.4V/lux-sec (550nm)